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Climbing the Mt. Marketing


Here’s a marketing term that came my way the other day: Dynamic Hill Climbing Optimizing Algorithm. What, in the name of god, does that mean? This is a tool that i am supposed to employ. To help clients. To make their marketing more accountable. Or better functioning. Or more expensive. Or more confusing. Or less confusing. Or easier on the calves. Or to introduce the assistance of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels at the flick of a switch. Or a Sherpa or two. Or was it a Smurf? You ever get them mixed up?  Here’s a tip – one is a small but helpful race of people that live in an ancient land high in the clouds and who assist travelers and climbers when they run into strife. The other one is Sherpas. And all this before anyone even got around to mentioning the most Dynamic Hill of them all – Benny! You ever get Benny Hill and Sherpas confused? Me too. Here’s a helpful tip – one ran a crude and/or titillating TV program for many years that opened with large breasts, closed with large breasts and was filled in the middle with an ancient skinless cat-like man being hit on the head with his own hat to funny music. The other one is Benny Hill. Anyway, the important thing is, all that got optimized eventually. That was just before we got back to wanting to drive our pens through our own eyeballs. There was some other stuff too i forgot. It’s hard to remember when your’re mid-way up a dynamic hill climb and Accounts Receivable has already written out the invoice. Unless, of course, you optimize it. Algorithmically. As it were. Are they serious?



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