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Things I Saw in the Street

IMG_0352 IMG_0351 IMG_0349

This is a home air hockey table that someone had left in the street to be destroyed and taken away as garbage. Are they serious? Hello…..? Best game ever!! What the hell is wrong with kids? Or anyone else for that matter?


Check out this bike. Is he serious? Best thing ever

IMG_0319 IMG_0321 IMG_0322

Took these photos of people while i was shopping in town last weekend. It’s people out in public in tracksuit pants. Not velor P-Diddy ‘pulling bitches’ track suits. Just tracksuits. Are they serious? It’s not acceptable to wear this stuff out of the house. I don’t even think it’s appropriate gym wear anymore, is it? One bloke was waiting to be let in to the theatre. The theatre! Basically, if you wear ‘trackies’ out in public you’re asking the world “hey, what is the absolutely fastest route to KFC, DFO and whatever else that’s cheap and brainless and can be blabbered out in short mono-syllabic letters instead of three whole exhausting words. And by the way, this whole life thing, I give up”. (NOTE: It’s not always a good idea to roam the city streets taking photos of people, especially those in tracksuits who, given the lightweight fabric and roomy cut, allows it’s wearers to run fast than, let’s say, an amateur photographer wearing skinny jeans and flat Converse.)


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