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Barry Hall of Horrors

Is Barry Hall serious? What’s wrong with this lunatic? Half a million dollars a year for running around with your mates for the last 15 years too much hard work for him? Gotta say that if there were my life I’d be skipping down the street throwing rose petals over my shoulder, not punching heads in. Not sure what Barry thinks he’s doing. He appears to be somewhat confused as to whether he is meant to be a footballer or an Ultimate Fighter. maybe we can look forward to the day when, having made the transition from grassed oval to caged octagon, he’s suspended for bringing a footy into the ring.

Following yesterday’s latest face pounding in Adelaide Hall said: “I guess it’s probably no secret that I do get frustrated. If things don’t go your way, if you take a bit more of a light-hearted view, it might help you out a little bit”. I don’t know what that means, but it sure sounds like fightin’ words.

Anyway Barry, you keep on going down swinging. You’re probably doing more than most to hold football interest in Sydney. Here are some highlights:


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