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Oh Brother…

Hard to keep those Bush boys outta the news. Coz gosh darn if they ain’t just so in-ar-esting. This time it’s Jeb – brother of the Great Communicator – who has suggested that he “cannot say whether or not Barack Obama is a socialist”. Well Jeb, I can’t say that the centre of the moon isn’t made of nerf. And I can’t say that all the lentils in the world are in secret communication with each other and are planning an uprising. Nor can I say that I wouldn’t look ridiculous in a set of stilettos. And you know why I can’t say them? Not coz they’re untrue, but coz they’re idiotic.

Is Jeb serious? In explaining why Obama might be a socialist he said the President “believes government can solve more problems.” Hey Jeb, you’re a governor. I reckon a fair chunk of your constituency is hoping that you believe the same thing. Or are you just in it for the big desk? Pretty sure your bro was in it for the free burgers. Never-the-less, brother George did do an outstanding job of proving that government is certainly not a tool for problem solving.

Finally, the J-Dog went on to state that Obama “would not have got elected if he’d let us in on his secret plan prior to the election.” hm, which secret plan was that? The one to try and wind up the idiot war your brother started? The plan to try to outmaneuver the biblical corporate collapse your brother presided over? The one about environmental responsibility? The restoration of the prestige your brother squandered? That one? The plan to engage with the Muslim world with words rather than bombs? Stop me when i get there, Jeb. The open government one? The vegie patch in the White House grounds?

Here’s the thing Jeb – Shut up. And here’s one more thing – I actually do look fantastic in stilettos.


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