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A Week on Planet Earth

It comes to light that on that island of paradise, Bali, locals are keeping mentally ill relatives in cages and in chains. And without hair braids. Are they serious?

Local artist commemorates 20 years since Tiananmen Square massacre by suggesting that the famous image of a man holding up the route of tanks that try to get around him looks a lot like a dance (Nut Bush? Car Wash? Squashed Chinese Man?), puts the image on loop, and adds music. This is her tribute. Is she serious?

Kim Jong-Il. Is that guy serious?

Japan ‘creates’ glow in the dark monkeys. Yes, it can be extremely difficult to find your monkey in the dark. And yes, this is going to make monkey wrestling night friendly. And yes, it means i can finally read a book by monkey light, but otherwise, are they serious? (Note: quite obviously glowing monkeys is the best idea in the history of the world let alone the most effective use of technology, but it was a slow news week for this blog).

Yo Gabba Gabba! I’m the only person that had no idea what this was. Thought it was the latest gang call emanating from Western Sydney. Apparently not. Has something to do with kids and music and some other stuff I don’t get. It’s the new best thing ever. Are they gabba gabba serious?

Kim-Jong-Il-R (image: Yo Gabba Gaba waves to the children)


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