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Catching up on the Gossip

gossip-girl-2 I’ve just endured my first (and final) episode of Gossip Girl. Guess what: it’s not a documentary about Beth Ditto. Who knew? This show makes about as much sense to me as the panty liner ads that running in every commercial break. From what I can gather about this show, there is a society of dis-functionally affluent super models disguised as kids , living in the rarefied upper echelons of Park Avenue and negotiating their way through the mirky waters of infidelity. And, from what I can gather, it’s tough work.

Are they serious? Most of the chicks are crying coz they’re all either geting dicked by the same bloke, or not getting dicked by the same bloke while said bloke tells his various “bros” that they are the most important people in their lives and then someone found the time to light 8000 candles beneath whose dappled light some other upstart college boy can dick one of those chicks from earlier in this sentence (if you recall) all he while churning through with blind impunity the trust funds bequeathed to them and which will, eventually, be used merely as a safety set once the real revenue starts rolling in from the various sex tapes one of the previously undicked chicks (refer to easrlier part of sentence) will be unexpectedly the star of. And round it went for an hour or so.

I still have no idea what ws going on other than there ain’t a bloke in it who doesn’t need his face punched in and a chick who doesn’t need to get away frm these clowns, stop relying on her looks and recently perfected blow job talents and get  job.

Now quite obviously I would sell my mother to a Noth Korean hard labour camp for the chance to serve drinks at one of these kids’ parties in the slight chance of picking up one of these blow job trust fund rich girls. But since negotiations are, typically of North Korea, currently stalled, I seriously don’t want to watch them going about their millionaire kid tough life business. Seems reasonable.

Also – is one of he chicks in the show acually the gossip girl of the title? If so, which one? Thanks in advance. Also, the episode was followed by another series about teenage vampires which, as far as I can tell, is only slightly behind ‘rich kid’ as a lifestyle choice. The kids are alright.


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