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The Week’s Top 5 (featuring Matthew McConaughey!)

1. In Limerick, Ireland, the local faithful have converged in their hundreds around an apparition of the virgin Mary contained within the stump of a recently felled tree. Are they serious? While candles and rosaries decorate the venerated stump, thousands have lodged protests to deny it’s removal. Question – will Tree Stump Tuesday replace Palm Sunday?

2. Smarting from it’s buy-in rejection from Rio Tinto – whom it describes as an “unfaithful woman” – China has arrested one of it’s chief executives on suspicion of espionage. Are they serious? They’re the Chinese; they’re very serious. Anyway, it’s reasonably easy to understand the Chinese position – Rio Tinto exec Stern Hu is kind of a spy name. Like Remington Steel. Or Lando Calrissian, who was more like a funky soul brother living in a cloud city than a spy, but I never really trusted him.

3. Barry Hall retires and suggests he’s not not sure if he can be trusted on a footy field, Gee Baz, you serious?

4. A small piece on Matthew McConaughey has given this blog an unprecedented surge in traffic. Are you people serious? Anyway, expect to see a lot more of Captain No Shirts in the coming weeks and months. We’ll see who breaks first.

5. Michael Jackson’s former doctor has revealed that extensive plastic surgery on the late singer’s nose made it hard for him to breathe. Is he serious? Of all the dark secrets that Jackson harboured, this is probably one we could have all worked out for ourselves. As a general rule removing a nose and replacing it with a paper clip is not a great aid for the inhaling of oxygen. Does make it easy to carry around name tags at a party though. Thanks, Doc.

Below – The Virgin Mary Tree stump looks great in shorts



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