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Mutton Dressed as Xmas Ham


Remember 20 years ago when a middled aged Cher reached the top of the charts with a film clip that saw her dressed in a mesh bodysuit, a g-string and enough hairspray to freeze a tidal wave mid-surge whilst straddling a cannon on a warship? Me either. And you know why? Because I spent good money and hard years in heavy therapy having a pchychologist expertly erase it from my mind.

Well that’s all been for nothing. Now in her 60s Cher has again donned the get up in that haven of good taste, Las Vegas. Is she serious? Cher may be too old to throw her rickety old pins over a cannon these days and wow hundreds of navy boys, but she ain’t afraid to get out on stage looking like a human involtini or a carry-bag full of raw turkeys in front of hundreds.

Personally I’d rather spend an everning painting my eyeballs with silicone, but that’s just me. There’s a lot I fail to appreciate. Nanas dressing like 40-something year olds who were dressing like teenager strippers is apparently one of them. If 60 is the new 40 then let’s hope the world ends before I have to share a future experiencing the comeback Vegas tours of Britney, Lady GaGa and Casey Donovan.


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