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Belly Ache

Another day another prominent gang land identity gunned down by another prominent gang land identity in another suburban street before several more horrified witnesses. This time it’s another Moran. This time it involves another ‘matriach’. And this time again, it would appear, all the perpetrators will be rounded up and thrown in prison. Neat.

It may surprise you to learn this, but I am no criminal genius. I once stole a giant Persian rug from a pub and that ended in disaster. Gave up a life of crime right then and there. Wasn’t for me. Well, yes, I once move around 500 kilo of heroin through Thailand but that was really just helping out a mate. Otherwise, hopeless as a crime. It seems to me however that if the most watched TV program in the history of the planet was based squarely on the way my mates committed crimes then either got arrested or killed and had, in the process, become the biggest Melbourne identities since Shannon Noll, then I would probably think twice about having someone shot, stashing the weapons in my home, and personally dumping the get away car as did Judy Moran. But that’s just me.

Are they serious? Maybe these people thought they were actually on TV. Maybe they figure there is some sort of royalty due when it hits out screens – or building sites – in the next 12 months. Channel 9 was already labeling this as another “Underbelly” crime, neatly preparing the script for the next series it will produce.

Or maybe, given that we’ve been treating these people like heroes and celebrities for the past year, feted those that played them with Logies, they actually thought they had impunity to perform another murder. Dunno. I didn’t really get into the show myself.


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