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Simple Symonds


Andrew Symonds must have some really shit hot offers from alternate industries. Perhaps the International Society of Brain Surgeons is throwing some work his way. Or maybe NASA needs to bring some scinitllating science to their latest rocket designs. Whatever it is that has Symonds again throwing away his cricket career for the sake of a few beers, it’s gotta be good.

More than likely though, it’s a fishing trip. Or a buck’s night. Or a mini bar that challenged him to a dare. Is this guy serious? I think it’s fair to say that, along with Cricket Australia, everyone has had about enough of this clown. While there are few of us for who the best story ever to come out of Australian sport is not Boonie’s 54 cans of beer on a flight from Australia to the UK, it seems that whatever line seprates larican lover of a few “froffies” and drunken imbecile, Symonds has finally crossed it. And so dies one of the great swashbuckling, intimidatary, streaker-pummelling stints in cricket the country has ever seen.  What a shame.

Oh well, I guess the IPL will keep him in lures and sinkers for a few more years. Maybe that’s the problem?


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