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Making Money on the Sly

rg_rambo_narrowweb__300x426,0Sylvester Stallone is to reprise – or should it be exhume – Rambo. The 63-year old “actor” is set to again pull the headband tight, pull the top lip side ways, and break out the human growth hormones as everyone’s fave Italian American Vietnam Vet (not counting The Fonz, obviously) takes on drug traffickers on the Mexican-US border.

Is he serious? Wasn’t the last installment more than enough? Are there even any ways left to mutilate Mexicans that have not already been employed on Vietnamese/Arabs/Red Necks? A source is quoted as saying “the character obviously fascinates Sylvester and he feels there’s more life left in him”. Really? Don’t they mean money is something that obviously fascinates Sylvester and he feels he can squeeze a little more life out of the character assuming the production quality is low enough to reap a profit from a poorly anticipated box office result?

It’s easy to forget that Stallone is actually an oscar winner, but Stop! Or My Grandmother will Shoot is almost 20 years ago now and he can’t keep resting on those laurels. But do we really need another Rambo? Something wrong with Tango & Cash II? What, they can’t take out Mexicans? They punched their way out of Riker’s Island in 12 minutes. Or Demolition Man? Oh yeah – turns out it was an accountant that took down Snipes in the end. Judge Dread? hm, you know what – all of a sudden John Rambo is looking like the best option.


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