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The Big Hand’s on the What….?

 By now most of the world will have passed their squinting eyes across images of a mystery couple having sex very publicly in a clock tower in Sydney. The pair, naked, in the throes of passion, have made global headlines. I guess they’re feeling pretty pleased with themselves. Why wouldn’t they be? The press has given the unknown bloke a lifetime of free high-fives from anyone he meets, and the faceless girl will have her own FM brekky show by week’s end. Such is the global news.

Are they serious? It’s no secret that for some time this blog has beeen a staunch supporter and of outdoor, public, news-worthy, clock tower carnality. Be for the sake of site traffic, self promotion, or good old fashioned hands-on research, I have lost count of the amount of times I have engaged – both with company and alone – in public sex.  (Note: I have, in fact, not lost count. All is extensively documented on excel spread sheets.) And yet, where are my headlines? Where is this blog’s 15 minutes? Where is the author’s ‘does anyone know this person/man/arse’ moment? Not happening, that’s where.

Maybe it’s all about location. Adds a certain drama. It must be acknowledged that I have no intention of ever having sex anywhere near a clock, certainly not one of that size. They’re the first thing I hide. Well, them and my drivers licence. Don’t need that. And I’m quite scared of hieghts. And I often find it hard to meet women. Well, when I say hard, I mean impossible. And I seriously need a wax.

But beyond my restrictions, nothing is surer than that this act will spark a proflieration of copy-cat public sex events, all captured on mobile phones, all published on the web. It’s more or less the last remaining thing that ain’t in the public arena. What I’m getting at is that anyone planning such an act should immediately alert this blog via pictures, a list of interests, clothing size and weight, mobile number, contact details for a good waxer, and suggested range of locations. You know where to find me.

Meanwhile, dispense with your watch and get used to craning your head upwards towards clock towers – my tip is it’s gunna get pretty busy up there.


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